• Ickworth House – Biomass Heating Project

    Lead designers for the architectural services for the building design and submission of the Planning Application.  The renovation and remodelling of a 1960s garage structure to a biomass boiler room adjacent to the Grade I listed Rotunda and Grade II* listed park and gardens has dramatically improved the building, surrounding landscape and visitor experience for the National Trust.

    As part of the National Trust’s Renewable Energy Investment Programme, Ickworth House sought to install a woodchip biomass heating system serving the West Wing and Rotunda enabling the property to remove one oil tank and make significant savings in both fuel costs and carbon emissions.

    Key Design Requirements

    Design of aesthetic and landscaping improvements to the courtyard area sympathetic to its location and setting. The design considered the following:
    • Inclusion of courtyard on visitor route
    • Enhancement to the front elevation of the garages
    • Interpretation and visitor engagement opportunities
    • Design and landscaping of the courtyard area

    With a proven ability our role was to work with the project design team in consultation with the client, property team and internal consultants in developing designs for the courtyard area and garages. This resulted in a carefully detailed and elegant conversion sympathetic to the  listed buildings and park on the Ickworth estate.  Careful attention to the conversion ensured full Planning consent and Listed Building Consent were obtained upon first submission.

    Key Design Philosophy

    Proportions and layout of the fenestration took their influence from the historic stable block on the estate as with the choice of brick and brick bond.  Double doors to the façade fold back allowing visitors to engage with the internal equipment improving understanding of the Renewable Energy Investment Programme and in turn the visitor experience.

    In conclusion the building has been regenerated from a 1960s set of garages to a principal visitor attraction on the site that houses the new biomass boiler system serving the main property.  Visitors are now drawn into the courtyard are and can engage with the building resulting in a highly successful project.

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