• Loft Conversion in Chelmsford

    Feb 28th, 2018

    Preliminary loft conversion sketches for a private client in Chelmsford.

    The proposal will fall within permitted Development rights including the raising of the Party Walls.  The raising of the Party Walls also means that should the neighboring properties choose to convert their loft space both properties can make use of the Party Wall avoiding the need for unsightly and difficult to maintain gaps common with traditional rear facing dormer conversions.  The raising of the Party Walls is a right under s.2(2) of the Party Wall etc. Act 1996.  In the event the neighboring properties make use of the raised Party Walls 50% of the cost of raising the Party Wall is due back to the building owner that raised them in the first place.

    Zinc cladding to the face of the rear facing dormer and tapered cornice surround to the rear large format window makes for an attractive contemporary design.  Coloured interlayers (stained glass) can be introduced to the windows transforming the overall look and feel of the conversion, in this case we have suggested a two tone vertical yellow glass strips.

    This particular loft conversion has been space planned as a home office and store that doubles-up as a guest room.


    FS elevations (2)FS IMG 4FS IMG 3